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Student Achievement:
Name of student Name of Event (Co-curricular) Event Level Remark
Chaitanya Nirhali Summer Immersion Program in Artificial Intelligence ,Stevens Institute for AI,USA International UG Fellowship
Chetan Pathade Tesside University UG Fellowship ,UK International UG Fellowship
Sushant Said NPTEL ONLINE CERTIFICATION in Programming in C++ National Elite with Topper in 5 %
Dharamraj Sharma
Shubham Phalke
Rutuja Gugale
Supriya Kudale
Shripad Agase
Smart India Hackathon 2019 National WINNER AND GOT AWARDED WITH RS. 50,000/-
Ruchita nerkar
Tushar Harel
Qualified Gate 2019 - -
TE students Filed 21 copyrights - -
BE students Published research papers - -
S.no Course Name Name Score From Assignment Exam Score Final Score Certificate Type
1 Programming in C++ ASHWINI JADHAV 23.94 43.75 68 Elite
2 Programming in C++ MOHAMMAD JAID AYUB MULANI 24.59 43.75 68 Elite
3 Programming in C++ SUSHANT DATTATRAY SAID 23.01 63.29 86 Elite
4 Programming in C++ VAISHNAVI MACHHINDRA JAGTAP 19.79 50 70 Elite
5 Programming in C++ JITEN RAJU ADAV 24.42 44.54 69 Elite
6 The Joy of Computing using Python SUSHANT DATTATRAY SAID 22 70.5 93 Elite+gold
7 The Joy of Computing using Python VISHAL R. SONAR 13.75 55.5 69 Elite
8 Data Base Management Systems RENUKA KAMATH 18.67 54 73 Elite
9 Data Base Management Systems NINAD GAJANAN MANJARAMKAR 19.38 57.75 77 Elite
10 Data Base Management Systems KOLEY BARSHA PRABIR 19.71 45 65 Elite
11 Data Base Management Systems RUCHIRA S GAIKWAD 19.13 45 64 Elite
12 Data Base Management Systems SHREYASH PIMPALSHENDE 20.21 48.75 69 Elite
13 Data Base Management Systems VARUN HARISH PILAKAVIL 18.88 54.75 74 Elite
14 Data Base Management Systems TEJASWINI GHATE 20.63 43.5 64 Elite
15 Data Base Management Systems ROSHAN VARDHAMAN KASLIWAL 20.83 49.5 70 Elite
16 Data Base Management Systems MAHIMA PRAKASH CHANDANE 21.83 51 73 Elite
17 Introduction to Machine Learning SHREYAS CHANDRAKANT SONI 22.33 37.49 60 Elite
18 Introduction to Internet of Things PUSHPAK KATKAR 19.38 49.5 69 Elite
19 Introduction to Internet of Things SOM MOSALAGI 22.19 55.5 78 Elite
S.no Name of the Event Level Rank
1 Basketball(Girls) Inter-department Second
Sr.No. Name of students Product
1. Nishit Chaturvedi
Tushar Harel
Vishal Pathak
Atik Jian
Created Exam-Buzz online exam website
2. TE Students Conference website
  • Name Of Entrepreneur : Koyte Prajakta.
  • Company Name : SP Informatics Solution
  • Client Name: SK Businesses(SK Enterprises, SK Travelers)
  • Date of Commencement of Business: 15/02/2019
  • Address: Navlakh Umbre, Talegoan

Staff Achievement:
Faculty Name Achievement
Dr. Archana Ajit Chaugule
  1. Conferred with a Best Researcher Award by DK International Research Foundation DKIRF Awards 2018
  2. Conferred with a InSc Research Excellence Award 2019 by Institutes of Scholars.
  3. Felicitated by Pimpri chinchwad college of engineering and Research on 12th Jan 2019 for contribution in world record.
  4. Appointed as the Committee member of The ICSP-AS 2018 (2018 3rd International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Signal Processing-Autumn Session) , Zhuhai, China, September 28-30, 2018.
  5. Worked as a subject expert for interview for the post of Assistant professor at D.Y. P.I.E.M.R Akurdi on 16th August 2018
  6. Session chair at ICCUBEA-2018, PCCOE,Pune
  7. Subject Chairman for Computer graphics subject
  8. Reviewer and Session chair at c-PGCON-2019
  9. Editorial board member at
    • International Journal of Multi disciplinary Research and Modern Education / ISSN:2454-6119
    • International Journal of Engineering Research and Modern Education / ISSN:2455-4200
    • International Journal of Scientific Research and Modern Education / ISSN:2455-5630
    • International Journal of Current Research and Modern Education / ISSN:2455-5428
    • International Journal of Applied and advanced Scientific Research / ISSN:2456-3080
    • International Journal of Computational Research and Development / ISSN:2456-3137
    • International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research in Arts and Humanities/ ISSN:2456-3145
    • International Journal of Advanced trends in Engineering and Technology/ ISSN:2456-4664
    • International Journal of Recent Research and Applied studies / ISSN:2349-4891
    • Indo American Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Review/ ISSN:2581-6292
  10. Completed NPTEl Course on "Machine Learning" with Elite score
  11. Speaker at FDP on "Machine Learning using Python" at PCCOER on 12th Dec 2018
  12. CO-Convenor of Two day workshop on Machine Learning Using Python funded by SPPU under QIP.
Mr. Mahendra Balkrishna Salunke
  1. Registered for PhD at SKNCOE, Research Center, SPPU
  2. Registered Copyright "Lightweight Algorithm for Embedded Security in Machine-to-Machine Communication towards Internet of Things"
  3. Patent "Smart Anti-Theft pendrive with a hard coded chip" CBR NO:15817
  4. Registered Copyright "D2F Infra: ICT for Sustainable Agricultural Development".
  5. Registered for NPTEL Course "Hardware Security"
  6. Worked as a Session Chiar at cPGCON-2018, SIT Lonavala
  7. Worked as a reviewer and Session Chair at cPGCON-2019, DIT, Pimpri, Pune.
  8. Design and development of Kiosk System under product development initiative by Department of Computerr Engineering, PCCOER.
  9. Delivered Expert Session on 80387 Coprocessor & Programming at PCCOE, Pune
  10. Subject Chairman for Microprocessor and Microcontrollers (2008 Pattern), Microprocessor (2015 Pattern)
  11. Paper Setter and Examiner for Embedded System & Internet of Things (TE Comp 2015 Pattern), Embedded and Realtime Operating Systems (ME Comp), Fault Tolerant Systems (ME Comp)
Mrs. Sonali S. Lunawat
  1. Attended Machine Learning FDP 13th Dec to 14th Dec 2018 at PCCOER,Ravet
  2. Organized and Attended FDP on "Amazon Web Services" at PCCOER, Ravet on 04/06/2018 to 09/06/2018,
  3. Copyright on Mobile Mobile Poem Registered
  4. Registered for Nptel Course on "Cloud Computing"
  5. Judge for Hackathon event at PCCOE,Akurdi
  6. Registered for NPTEL course on Cloud Computing
  7. Udemy Certification in Mongodb
  8. Spoken Tutorial certification in C++
  9. Speaker for C,C++, Data Structure at PCCOER, Ravet, ENTC Department.
  10. Copyright registered for MOCK CET Software,
  11. Organized Tableau Workshop of TE students ,
  12. Organized Linux Administration workshop for SE students,
Mr. Jameer Kotwal
  1. Registered Copyright"Building a privacy Oriented Chrome Extension."
  2. Invited as a Guest Lecture on Compiler at D.Y.Patil college Akurdi.
  3. Organising Secretary of Two day workshop on Machine Learning Using Python funded by SPPU under QIP.
  4. Invited as a Guest lecture on Advance Data structure at Keystone Engg.college
  5. Attended FDP on Amazon Web services at PCCOER Ravet on 4/06/18 to 9/6/18.
  6. Completed NPTEL course of C++ and cloud computing.
Mr. Amol N. Dumbare
  1. Registered Copyright "Building a privacy Oriented Chrome Extension."
  2. Invited as a Guest Lecture on FPL at D.Y.Patil college Ambi.
Mr. Korade Nilesh Bhikaji
  1. Publish Paper "Survey on Flooding Detection System using Internet of Things" in International Journal of Computer Applications, Volume 165 – No.13, May 2017.
  2. Publish Paper "ACCESSING HEALTH RELATED DATA USING CLOUD VIA AUDITABILITY" in International Engineering Research Journal (IERJ), Volume 2 Issue 9 Page 3848-3851, 2017, ISSN 2395-1621.
  3. Publish Paper "Modified Kerberos for IoT by Dynamic Expansion" in International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics Register for NPTEL Course "Programming in JAVA" Volume 118 No. 24 2018 ISSN: 1314-3395 (on-line version)
  4. Patent "Smart Anti-Theft pendrive with a hard coded chip" CBR NO:15817
  5. Attend FDP on WEb Technology at DYPIEMR, Akurdi on 13/12/2017 to 15/12/2017
  6. Attend FDP on "Amazon Web Services" at PCCOER, Ravet on 04/06/2018 to 09/06/2018
  7. Registered Copyright "Enhance file security by integrating Authorization Crenditial and hidden code".
  8. Registered for NPTEL Course "Programming in JAVA".
Mrs. Manasee Kurkure
  1. Completed NPTEl Course on "Machine Learning" 2.Attended FDP on LP 2 at Dy.Patil Akurdi
  2. Attended Machine Learning FDP 13th Dec to 14th Dec 2018 at PCCOER,Ravet
  3. Attend FDP on "Amazon Web Services" at PCCOER, Ravet on 04/06/2018 to 09/06/2018 5. Attended FDP on Data Analytics at MMCOE from
  4. Completed introduction to Datamining NPTEL course
  5. Attend FDP on "Amazon Web Services" at PCCOER, Ravet on 04/06/2018 to 09/06/2018.
Ms. Vaishali Prasad Latke
  1. Completed NPTEL course Introduction to Research, With Elite Score
  2. Organized and Attended FDP on "Amazon Web Services" at PCCOER, Ravet on 04/06/2018 to 09/06/2018
  3. Attended Machine Learning FDP 13th Dec to 14th Dec 2018 at PCCOER,Ravet
  5. Registerd 3 copyrights
    • Building a Privacy Oriented Chrome Extension.. copyright registered
    • Environment sensing for smartphones
    • patient healthcare management using WSN architecture
Mrs. Shweta Ashish Koparde
  1. Registered for NPTEl Course on "Real Time OS"
  2. Attended Workshop on Augumented and Mix Reality on 7th & 8th December 2018 at MMCOE
  3. Attendeded Workshop on "Machine Learning Using PYTHON" at PCCOER,Ravet on 13th and 14th December 2018
  4. Presented paper on "Hand drawn on Object Identification to improve feature of search Engine "in ICATCSIT 2019 conference at RSCOE
  5. Attended FDP on Deep Learning at RSCOE
  6. Organized workshop on "Java programming" for SE Students
  7. Organized one day Seminar on "Recruitments & Placements in DRDO" for SE TE students
Mrs. Anuja Bhondave Attended Lab PRactive 4 FDP on 8th jan 2019 at D.Y.Patil Akurdi


The traditional or typical method of investigating a crime is to search for possible clues and evidences (solid and biological) that are missed by the accused while committing the crime which was very time consuming for further formalities, This clues are useful for the police or the investigating team to set a strong case against the accused but the invention not only features in making the case strong but also reduces the time that is being consumed for an investigation, The invention already will be having the DNA with its unique identification number (UID) of the possible suspect as the suspect will be the citizen of India also this is helpful in tracking the suspect where ever he/she tries to escape from the place where the crime was committed to other areas, regions or parts of the country, The unidentified DNA sample can be stored as a blind profile and can be used as a reference in other sort of investigation .e.g. can be used as a lead evidence in finding a missing person which might be at its own jurisdiction area or other region of the country, This process will be fast track and continuous also it will be advance step in typical way of investigation.

  • Existing DNA & Aadhar Card Database
  • DNA Profiling
  • Storage of matched data
  • Searching
  • Required details
  • Match found
  • Match not found
  • Extraction of matched details
  • Search operation by local investigating team
  • Surrender of suspect by non jurisdiction investigating team to respective investigating team
  • Store unmatched DNA sample in existing database
  • Send the unmatched DNA sample to forensic department
  • Experimentation for an antidote

2. Mr.Nolesh Premraj Warke & Mr.Akshay Dadasaheb Ranpise: CONVENIENTLY UNFOLDING OF LAPTOP


  • According to this invention, there is a mechanism provided for unfolding the laptop in a comfortable manner
  • Usually when people unfold their laptops frequently their fingers are been touched to the web cam on the display casing, to overcome this, this mechanism is used
  • It helps to open the laptop by applying the opposite forces on the plates.
  • It is the mechanism which makes it easy for unfolding the laptop due to the plate fixed in the casings.
  • The plates are long lasting due to they are being fixed into the casings.

 Mr.Nolesh Premraj Warke & Mr.Akshay Dadasaheb Ranpise: CONVENIENTLY UNFOLDING OF LAPTOP

Short film made by Parth Shiralkar (TE COMPUTER) on Ebook INSOMNI

MRUNAL TAMANE (SE Computer ) got first prize in Inter college paper presentation competition